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Terms & Conditions

All prices are subject to change without notice.

AutoPartsGallery reserves the right to establish and modify from time to time its payment terms for Customer at any time at AutoPartsGallery sole discretion.

Customer will make every effort to use the part number indicated in the catalogue when placing its order to assure accuracy and rapid processing of the order. Every effort will be made to ship approved orders on the day such order is received, subject to availability of inventory and the timing of the order.

All orders will be processed subject to inventory availability. Customer understands that sometimes inventory information contained in the Site may be inaccurate or outdated.

All orders placed by Customer shall adhere to the minimum ordering criteria established by AutoPartsGallery from time to time. Customer acknowledges that AutoPartsGallery may set minimums according to any number of criteria, including but not limited to quantity, style, size and/or product category. Any order failing to adhere to AutoPartsGallery minimums may be rejected or cancelled by AutoPartsGallery at any time in its discretion.

All shipping is F.O.B. our warehouse and shall be sent by ground unless otherwise agreed in writing by AutoPartsGallery.

All visible damage should be claimed against the CARRIER immediately upon arrival. Hidden damage should be claimed against the CARRIER as soon as it is discovered. The foregoing notwithstanding, all errors in any shipment (other than manufacturing defects) must be reported by Customer to AutoPartsGallery in writing within five (5) calendar days after receipt of such shipment by Customer or its designee. Customer acknowledges and agrees that in no event will any refund be issued.

AutoPartsGallery will participate in the cost of freight with our customers. The premise is that with increased purchasing levels by our customers, AutoPartsGallery freight participation will increase. The freight participation allowance is calculated based on achieved loyalty levels. Please contact your AutoPartsGallery Sales Representative for more information.

All returns and/or defective items must contain the correct invoice and packing list number. Each return must be tagged by Customer indicating the reason for return along with the valid Return Authorization Number issued by Customer's salesman, or else it will not be accepted. Returned merchandise must be new, in original package and currently stocked by AutoPartsGallery. All returns must be shipped freight prepaid by Customer. Customer shall be charged a 10% restocking fee unless an item is found to be detective. There shall be no return or warranty on any electrical part sold by AutoPartsGallery, with the exception of Bosch products, which are subject to the Bosch Warranty Policy.

Unless otherwise indicated, Customer agrees to first seek redress from the manufacturer of the part[s] in question to pursue a warranty claim. All merchandise is guaranteed by AutoPartsGallery to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles from date of purchase, whichever comes first, provided that the total liability of AutoPartsGallery shall be limited to replacement of the part only and does not include labor or consequential damages of any kind. If the manufacturer's warranty exceeds AutoPartsGallery then the manufactures' terms will apply. The warranty period begins when the product is purchased by the end user. All warranty claims must include the invoice number; a copy of the Repair Order documenting time and method of installation, a copy of the Warranty Repair Order, and the mileage accumulated after the claimed item was installed. Any alteration of the foregoing policy or an assumption of any liability beyond the policy implied or otherwise, shall not be binding upon the Company, unless the same is committed to writing and signed by an officer of AutoPartsGallery. Alteration of any part voids any warranties hereunder.

Every effort has been expended to assure the accuracy of the information included on this site. No responsibility can be assumed or accepted as a result of error in specification. All references to vehicle models, manufacturers and photos are supplied for informational purposes ONLY and are not intended to imply affiliation or approval by the Vehicle or Original Equipment manufacturers. OE numbers are used for reference only.

In addition to any other disclaimers or limitations of liability, AutoPartsGallery does not warranty the legality of its products which do not comply with local, state or federal regulations, nor does AutoPartsGallery recommend illegal modifications. SOME PRODUCTS OFFERED BY AutoPartsGallery ARE NOT LEGAL FOR STREET USE AND MAY BE FOR OFF-ROAD OR RACING ONLY. Vehicle regulations vary greatly from state to state. AutoPartsGallery RECOMMENDS THAT YOU TO CHECK LOCAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS FOR YOUR AREA BEFORE ORDERING ANY PART. AutoPartsGallery does not warranty the performance, performance enhancement or performance characteristics of any product it sells. PLEASE OBEY ALL TRAFFIC AND OTHER LAWS.

California firms purchasing merchandise for resale must have a valid Resale Card on file at AutoPartsGallery, which AutoPartsGallery reserves the right to inspect upon demand.

AutoPartsGallery may amend, supplement or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time, in AutoPartsGallery sole discretion, and without advance notice to Customer.

AutoPartsGallery reserves the right, without notice and without incurring any liability whatsoever to Customer, to modify or change product brand, content, labels, packaging and/or price of the merchandise ordered by Customer, whether due to market conditions, raw material availability, in order to correct defects or otherwise, which factor[s] may or may not be beyond the control of AutoPartsGallery.

Each party consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state courts located in the County of Los Angeles and, as applicable, the federal courts of the Central District of California, in connection with any dispute arising hereunder or in any way related to AutoPartsGallery or its products, and further consents and submits to the personal jurisdiction of those courts with respect to any such dispute.

All cores being returned to AutoPartsGallery must be shipped Freight Prepaid. All cores will be examined upon receipt according to a commercially reasonable timetable. AutoPartsGallery reserves the right to determine the acceptance or rejection of cores in its sole discretion. Unusable cores will be returned as per Customer's instructions at Customer's cost. Failure to provide contact or notification instructions to AutoPartsGallery permits AutoPartsGallery, at its election, to keep or dispose of the core item[s] returned. Cores will be held for 30 days after notification by AutoPartsGallery and thereafter AutoPartsGallery may claim ownership or dispose of such item[s] in its discretion.

Cylinder Head Cores must be complete and in original box. All Bosch cores must meet the requirements of the Bosch Exchange Program Guidelines. Cores which have any signs of tampering or disassembly will be refused.

The following characteristics are most apparent and inherent in unusable cores:

Three or more broken fins, broken rocker arm housing, holes in exhaust or intake chamber walls, cylinder diameter fly cut larger than standard, excessive damage caused by foreign object loose in combustion chamber.

Cracked or broken, more than two journals requiring welds, stripped threads woodruff keys slots mutilated, more than four dowel pin holes, or elongated pin holes. Crankshaft journals must be grindable to no more than .020" undersize. Crankshafts requiring .030" or more will be refused.

Severely burnt journal diameters, severely bent, missing or mismatched caps.

We welcome and encourage your suggestions and recommendations for additional items to be added to our various programs.